HLANGANANI EZWENI TRADING AND PROJECTS is a multi-disciplinary consulting company specializing in the development and management of water resources, environment and water supply and sanitation infrastructure. HETP currently maintains its office in Florida Johannesburg and plans to extend Globally. This strategic provincial presence brings our expertise and resources close to our clients in South Africa.

HETP mission is to provide high quality specialised technical services for the development and management of water resources, sanitation and the environment in South Africa, and to develop our human and material resources for the overall benefit of our organisation, our employees and our clients.

It is HETP vision to successfully execute water resources and infrastructure development projects for governments, mining houses, international consulting firms and industries as well as many projects for sanitation and the Environmental Sector in South Africa. These multidisciplinary projects likely to involve integrated water resources management and planning, project design, Geology, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Geophysics, Engineering, Environmental Science and G.I.S Applications may range in scope from specific project tasks to turnkey projects. It is envisaged that some of these projects will implement solutions for rural, urban, industrial and agricultural water supplies and can include the assessment of resources on a regional basis.

HETP intends to be involved in specific national resource management, institutional/human capacity assessment and policy development projects particularly in the water and environmental sectors.

The company is highly qualified to execute water sector, environmental and engineering projects on provincial to national scales. HETP intends to be at the forefront of technological developments in the industry through its association with leading institutes and firms. The company will maintain close collaboration with consulting firms and research organizations such as The Water Research Council (South Africa), Department of Water Affairs and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Institute, CSIR (South Africa).

Successful and timely completion of projects, innovative use of technically, financially and socially acceptable technologies and a commitment to excellence are the key to building a strong reputation among HETP clients.

The strength of HETP is its highly qualified and dynamic work force. At present, the total number of HETP’s available staff comprises 6 professionals and two technicians. However the company has long term plans to increase the number of its staff. In order to implement multi-disciplinary projects, HETP will put in place sufficient in in-house facilities, equipment and resources.

Human resource development at all levels is a key aspect of HETP’s corporate ethos. HETP will endeavour to identify and develop talent at all levels. Senior national and international staff will be jointly recruited and employed by HETP to develop and implement its human resources development programme.

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