When you choose our Security Company for Security Officers be assured that HETP is able to provide the following services;

  1. Physical Security Guarding Services to all Contact acted Sites.
  2. Guard on duty & monitory system linked to the control room.
  3. Panic button with a back up reaction vehicle on site 24hrs.
  4. Site manager to attend meetings.
  5. Site inspection 24hrs.
  6. Two way radio for easy communication at the site.
  7. Stationery consisting of:
  • O.B book
  • Pocket book
  • Gate register
  1. Baton stick, paper spray, electric shockers, touch, hand cuffs.
  2. Public liability insurance (MT762950).
  3. Regular Security Assessments.
  4. Compilation of security evaluation reports.

Guarding Services will also cover the following Security Protocols;

  • Access and Egress Control (Entrances and Exits)
  • To systematically inspect and test the guarding solution at regular intervals.
  • Investigate and report on all safety and Security complaints.
  • Report to the Security Manager on any breach or possible breach of Security.
  • Submit written reports to the Security Manager on any matter that could adversely affect the operation of the security at Client’s buildings.
  • Ensuring replacement of Staff is available to fill positions of any Staff absence.
  • Ensure tight security measures for persons and assets of the Client, and
  • Advice on enhanced security measures even beyond the scope of the contractual agreement.

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